by michele sprague

w r i t e  s t y l i n g s

A little ​​​​​​tease

​​To wet your appetite—following are introductions of four essays that are published in the book, Single Again 101 by Michele Sprague.'s broken
"I want you to find a man.  One who lives in your complex. And do it now."

I never thought I would hear those words from my
​ex-husband, but I did.

That conversation seems humorous now, but it wasn't funny when I heard it. Tears streamed down my face as I talked to Richard on the phone about how to...

Who gets custody of the club?
Here it comes—the breakup.  It brings with it a bucketful of emotions—pain, depression and the desire never to run into him again.  You want to continue going to the favorite places you shared—the gym, the club, church...Worse yet, you work at the same company.  You realize avoidance gives him...

One wedding, two Exes and a girlfriend
Too many times divorced parents let their emotions get in the way of their children's happiness.  My ex-husband and I plead guilty to these charges for the worse possible occasion—our daughter's wedding.  Just thinking about it  renews feelings of shame...

Slay StedFear
The StedFear monster lives under my bed. Under the cover of darkness, this very ugly, murky green monster comes out and taunts me about my fears.  And every night he confirms my worse fear—I will be alone forever.  I feel like the walls close in around me, while StedFear laughs at me in a deep bellowing voice...


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