w r i t e  s t y l i n g s

Single again?

Are you making the transition from being married to being single? 

Some things changed since the last time you were single. 
For starters—you’ve changed.  You’ve grown up and most likely
have more responsibilities.

Being single again is a journey that gives you opportunities
to excel in new situations.  And you will.

Single Again 101 by Michele Sprague is a collection of essays
that explores life after women become divorced or widowed. 
​I’ve shared stories and down-to-earth advice from my experiences,
the experiences of friends and acquaintances, and research.

The essays are thought-provoking, honest and sometimes humorous.
The essays will help you see that you are not alone, and provide
​you with ideas on how to handle situations you may face as a
​single again person.

Situations include losing friends after becoming single, loneliness,
bitterness, getting out there, your ex, the holidays, a workable budget,
​dating, cohabitation, breakups, recognizing red flag behaviors...
Your confidence will get stronger as you face and tackle the
many tasks and challenges that will come your way—paying all the
bills on time, replacing the washing machine, handling Johnny's
acting out behavior, hiring a contractor to fix the garage door. 
​You did it.  You're doing it.  And if you can't do it, you've learned
where to seek help. 

Being single again may not have been your choice or how you thought
​your life would end up.  But you can make peace with it, adapt and
seek friendships with  other people in your situation.  You will continue
​growing and have fun.

My blue felt hat with a flower on it is off to you—for how far you've come
and for continued success and happiness in your life and that of
​your family. 

May your life be sprinkled with happy surprises and plenty of giggles.

Enjoy the essays and your journey!

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