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october 22, 2018

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Ban immigrants 
take care of Americans

I remember shopping for Christmas presents after my divorce. I planned to spend the amount I typically spend on each of my daughters. This would involve using a credit card because of my new, reduced financial status. A friend of mine looked horrified as I grabbed one expensive item after another, and said, "No one wants you to give them something you can't afford."

Our country is generous when it comes to helping other countries. In the meantime, our debt is out of control. According to FoxBusiness, the monthly report of the U.S. Treasury Department states we have a $779 billion deficit, which is nearly a 17 percent increase from 2017. 

The deficient reflects our poor spending habits. We are spending more than we have coming in.

We can start trimming our budget by banning ALL illegal immigrants from entering the United States – no matter what country they come from. The Washington Examiner reports illegal immigrants and their kids are costing American taxpayers $135 billion a year – a little over $88 billion for state and local, and almost $46 billion for federal.

We have thousands of Americans in need. Recently, we have been faced with disasters caused by Mother Nature – severe damages in Puerto Pico by Hurricane Maria, floods caused by Storm Florence in North and South Carolina, and the recent flattening of communities by Hurricane Michael in Florida. And there were the fires in California. These disasters have left thousands of Americans in need – without housing, food, electricity, medical care, jobs...And then there’s business as usual – healthcare, education, Social Security, Military, Medicare…

Americans have paid tax dollars for many, many years. We need to take care of our Americans before trying to help others from other countries. If we continue to take in illegal immigrants because we have good hearts, we are spreading our help and support of our U.S. citizens too thin.

When we help other countries it is with borrowed money. For the time being, I propose that we ban ALL immigrants from entering the United States from all countries, stop helping other countries with aid, take care of our people and pay off our debt.

I know it sounds cold. Think of this. If you have a choice to help your family at the expense of trying to help the whole community, knowing you do not have enough resources to help everyone in the community adequately, what would you do? This out of control spending is leading the United States to another disaster – one we may not recover from.

Like people with credit cards, this country must learn to tightened its financial belt and quit spending money it doesn't have. A start is banning entry of the 1000-plus migrant caravan from Honduras. What a mess! Since this type of migration is an annual event, a plan should have been but in place. 

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